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Jamie Foxx - Foxx Hole Radio

Jamie Foxx – Foxx Hole Radio on Sirius Satellite Radio. 10/10/08 Broadcast.

The Foxxhole is an exclusive comedy, entertainment and lifestyle channel with Academy Award-winning actor, American Music Award-winning and GRAMMY®-nominated artist, and comedian Jamie Foxx.

The 24/7 channel features comedy bits from a large number of comedians, and will create groundbreaking approaches to presenting comedy to radio listeners, as well as showcase music, skits, radio theater and more.

Comedy, Entertainment and Lifestyle presented by Jamie Foxx. Jamie Foxx and his crew talk on his Radio Program about Politics, Pop-Culture, Comedy, Current Affairs and a wide variety of subjects. 

It is Hilarious! Listen to the Broadcast below, Runtime: 2 Hours & 9 minutes:

[media id=100]

Jamie Foxx and his On-Air crew Johnny Mack, Chris Spencer, Speedy, Diamond Double D, OG Poetess and LD have fun.
People interviewed in this broadcast: Tim Reid, Tom Dreesen, Kardinal Offishall, Olympic Medalists and more. They talk about McCain, Sarah Palin, OJ Simpson and Racism. Listeners call in and give their opinions.

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