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Jamie Foxx Interview on Ed Lover Show Power 105.1 FM

Jamie FoxxListen to the Jamie Foxx 7 Part Interview he gave on the “Ed Lover Show” on Power 105.1 FM.

Oscar Winner, Superstar Actor, Comedian & Singer Jamie Foxx chops it up with Ed Lover & FREE for 2 hours. He talks with them about: his Music, his New Movie “The Soloist” & the Oscar buzz surrounding his performance, who his favorite comedians are & who’s next to blow, Ed Lover Show the success of “Blame It On The Alcohol”, how it saved his album & how he got most of Hollywood in the video, Ron Howard, Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, Samuel Jackson & others being in his music video, not being taken seriously as a singer early on in his career, a guy that tried to break into his Hotel Room in Philadelphia, his Perfect Woman and more. This interview will have you dieing laughing.
Jamie Foxx does it like no other and shows why he’s the likable, successful Star that he is.

Jamie Foxx 7 Part Interview

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