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I Pray for my fellow United States Virgin Islanders

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma struck the Caribbean Thursday September 7th, 2017 and was the biggest / most powerful hurricane ever to hit the caribbean, it caused devastating lose of property and in some cases lose of life.
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I'm A Boss


Me outside the New York City Public Library on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.
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Madison Square Park.

Panoramic View

Madison Square Park in the Nomad neighborhood of Manhattan, across from the SONY Building in Flatiron District.
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Beautiful Day

Life Is Great

Enjoying a Beautiful Day At Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan.
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Fresh To Death

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Cole Haan

My Cole Haan shoes that I wear around the house.
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Latest from blog

Women are the fastest growing entrepreneurs

I’ve noticed a wonderful trend over the past 6 or 8 years, Women are the fastest rising Entrepreneurs in the World. I say this from actual experience. I’ve been an Expert Web Developer/Designer/Programmer & Entrepreneur for approx 16 to 18 years now. Developed over 700 websites for clients in every income bracket, social status, in a multitude of locations. In the past few years I’ve noticed the percentage of my Client Base has drastically shifted to mostly women. I’d say approximately 70% of my Clients are women, of all races. I’m not sure what’s the reason for this shift, but I have a few opinions on the topic.

Here are some of the things I think plays into women’s favor:

  • Women generally have more disposable income than most men. Even if a man makes more, he generally has more Financial Responsibilities (household, kids, child support, dating), and therefore less of his money belongs to him.
  • Women are more willing to take a chance on a new idea & way of doing things.
  • Women are great managers, they are accustomed to handling their: household, kids, mate, family and job with great success.
  • The advent of the internet has made the playing field even for women. On the internet your gender doesn’t matter, Content matters. The internet has also made it way more affordable for a person to start a business, a fraction of the cost that a store front would cost with all the overhead.
  • Women are the #1 Consumer. Because of that, they know what other women want. That natural insight gives them the ability to market to other women effectively.

I for one LOVE this new trend. I love women and love seeing anything transpire that contributes to women excelling. I have many women in my family (mom, sisters, aunts, cousins, nieces), and I’m Passionately attracted to women, so anything that benefits them I’m excited about.

I’m sure you have an opinion on the subject. What do you think?

Another new month

The months are going by sooo fast, before you know it, it will be 2009. April is here. Rather than experiencing April Fools pranks, I’ve had a wonderful day filled with positive outcomes. I got another new client today, which I always love. She was an Absolute joy to deal with. I’ve already started working on her new website. She’s excited about it, and so am I. It will be a Professional E-commerce website, stocked with 1,000s of products.

So many good things was going on today that by the time I looked up, it was evening. I plan on continuing the productivity of this day, all the way into tomorrow morning 8am.

Been a busy month

The month of March have been an extremely busy month for me. I’ve acquired several new fun clients (Corporate, Entertainment, Blogging & Personal sites), Did a little bit of traveling (all within the U.S.), Did some house cleaning, Started several new websites of my own, Totally redeveloped this website (including adding over 60 new pages & several new sections), Acquired some new friends, Followed the Democratic campaigns even closer (Obama has increased his delegate lead and on his way to the nomination. Today 7 New Delegates decided to pledge their votes to him.) and much more activities that I can’t remember at the moment lol. Currently taking care of some last minute details before the month is over.

I expect April to be a equally busy month, if not more busy.

What have you been up to?

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