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Wedge/Ramp Combo

Liberator WEDGE/RAMP COMBO – Wedge/Ramp Combo
See why Wedge/Ramp Combo™ is our no.1 bestseller.

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Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo – $235.
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Bid flat-bed mattress monotony adieu, and say hello to orgasms that last longer, sexual inspiration and doing it like you did when you were 20. Liberator is more than a sex pillow, it’s a means to more foreplay and more creative sex. It’s Kama Sutra for the modern couple. Use the Wedge and Ramp solo to explore new angles on oral sex, a better doggie-style or a more intense missionary position.

A best-selling pair on two continents, the Wedge and Ramp are two shapes that enhance sex when used solo, but together they sing. Missionary position, once thought to be the boring-est of positions, is lifted off of the bed for better access to stimulate hot spots with the added benefit of angling in on her G-spot. But angles do more than aim, they can make her feel tighter and him feel bigger! The Wedge/Ramp Combo reminds us that sex is supposed to be FUN. Available in five racy hues: Red(shown), Blue(shown), Purple, Tan and Black.

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