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Liberator STAGE – Stage

The original Stage.

[media id=84]

Liberator Stage – $150.
Click here for more details or purchase.

The Liberator Stage begs to be straddled. With knees spread and situated on either side, Stage presents the bum in a way no man can ignore—spread beautifully wide open. By lifting activities nine inches off of the bed or floor, the Stage will give you a second level of support to leverage yourself into trickier positions, like the Lotus (or face-to-face upright) position. When you desire a third party, Stage interacts most successfully, the perfect platform on which to stack other shapes. Tip: Add a Wedge and Ramp for incredible G-spot targeted sex in the missionary position.

Available in five racy hues: Red(shown), Blue(shown), Purple, Tan and Black.

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