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Free Style on the Scoop

Liberator SCOOP – Free Style on the Scoop
Rock her, Roll her, Ride her.

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Liberator Scoop – $235.
Click here for more details or purchase.

Tilt it, tip it, dip it, flip it. Liberator Scoop is a hump that rocks. It’s the wildest shape and the most supportive shape all rolled into one. On one side you have a rocking platform for your doggie, oral, missionary, 69 and anything-goes sex. It adds motion to the mix, making erotic encounters anything but predictable. Then there’s the sensitive side of the Scoop. A comfortable curve that elongates and supports the spine for slow, tender sex. If you like to change speeds frequently, take a ride on the Scoop. One side offers rodeo sex, one side ultimate support. Tip: Prop the Wedge under the Scoop for stability during oral sex, Or slip it under the neck to make a nifty headrest.

Available in five racy hues: Red(shown), Blue(shown), Purple, Tan and Black.

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