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Seagulls on the Wing

Liberator RAMP – Seagulls on the Wing
Weird name…Great position.

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Liberator Ramp – $150.
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Love on an elevator. A global bestseller, the Liberator Ramp offers support with a deep slope elevation. It strategically lifts your lover’s hips to an altitude of 12 inches, offering access at critical angles that accentuate sensitivity. It’s time to teach your old doggie-style some new tricks. The key to perfect rear-entry penetration—penetration from behind is not necessarily anal, but anal enthusiasts listen up—is supported elevation. Supported elevation prevents falling forward, slipping, sore elbows and wrists and hips buried in the mattress. She’s propped up properly to absorb all of his thrusting. With the Ramp a couple can sustain the doggie-style position for longer, more satisfying sessions. Other Ramp specialties include positions off the side of the bed and an unbeatable girl-on-top ride. Was it Stephen Tyler who was so fond of love on an elevator? We agree. Elevation rocks.

Available in five racy hues: Red(shown), Blue, Purple, Tan and Black.

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    August 2, 2008 3:42 pmPosted 15 years ago

    Great product. This Liberator Ramp is pretty cool. Looks like fun to.

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