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Black Label Ramp

Liberator RAMP – Black Label Ramp
Fits perfect in any home decor.

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Black Label Liberator Ramp – $190.
Click here for more details or purchase.

Take tease to a different dimension on the Black Label Ramp. Experience the thrill of being angled up high, held down and supported securely. Savor every sight, sound, scent and taste as your lover brings you to body-buckling climaxes by controlling the anticipation as much as the action. No more falling forward in the doggie-style position; no slipping, sore elbows or wrists and hips buried in the mattress. Strapped in on the Black Label Ramp a couple can sustain the doggie-style position for longer, more satisfying sessions. Other Ramp specialties include positions off the side of the bed and an unbeatable girl-on-top ride Leopard or Black(shown) ankle cuffs included.

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