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Esse - Frog Fashion

Liberator ESSE – Esse, Frog Fashion
Discover her Lily Pad.

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Liberator Esse – $395.
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Move, groove and make love in a million new waves. Seduction begins with Esse. It’s the ultimate in orgasm, perfection in positioning, a luxury love-craft with killer curves and seriously modern style. It inspires desires and, when paired with the Mini Scoop, offers endless opportunities in sexploration. Stretch out, straddle or just have a seat on this sexed up chaise lounge.

Available in five racy hues: Red(shown), Blue, Purple, Tan and Black.

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    March 28, 2010 12:41 pmPosted 14 years ago
    Peter Finch

    Helps couples moving in to gymnastic sex. Helps to remove inhibitions and latent guilt feelings. Tends to be better for securing the female orgasm. Encourages expression through posture and movement. Good where couples share the same space. A useful form of exercise. Is good for deepening love feelings and for conception.

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