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The Cube Video

Liberator CUBE – The Cube Video
Courtney and Brad explore the Cube.

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Liberator Cube – $100.
Click here for more details or purchase.

The benefits of angling are obvious, but what about bounce? Any action on the Liberator Cube (which has carefully curved corners for this very reason) quickly produces reverberations which translate into full body vibrations that crescendo into mind-blowing climaxes. Hyperbolic? I dare you to try one. On a Cube she can effortlessly transition from lap dance into vertical sex (Lotus position for you Kama Sutra students). She can shimmy up and down his erection, controlling the depth with her legs, as he slowly rocks and bounces them, hitting all the right spots. Cube also does doggie and positioned next to a bed, makes off-the-side-of-the-bed sex much better. In its spare time, Cube disguises itself as a chic ottoman.

Available in five juicy hues: Red(shown), Blue, Purple, Tan and Black.

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