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Here is my Demonstration of the Netgear Push2TV Adapter

LOVING my: NETGEAR - Push2TV Adapter for Intel® Wireless Display.

I’m LOVING my: “NETGEAR – Push2TV Adapter for Intel® Wireless Display”. Available at BestBuy.

* Only Compatible with Laptops with preinstalled Intel® Wireless Display technology, And powered by the 2010 Intel® Core™ processor family, such as Blue Label™ 2.0 models (Esp. Toshiba & Sony Laptops).

Enables you to view content from your Laptop on your HDTV wirelessly.


I can browse the Internet, listen to music, view pictures, watch videos/movies from my Toshiba Satellite Laptop’s WiFi/4G Wimax network or online on my HDTV.


My Laptop & HDTV is in perfect Sync. I can see everything big on my HDTV.

It comes with: Netgear Push2TV Adapter, HDMI Cable, Installation Guide and Power adapter.

Here is a Youtube Video Clip that gives you a tour:

[youtube width=”515″ height=”400″][/youtube]

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