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Delicious Patron

Delicious Patron

This has been an Extremely productive week. I got a lot of work done for my clients, as well as myself. Normally I’m a Red Wine drinker (Cabernet Sauvignon), but yesterday I decided to get me a bottle of “Patron” Tequila. As I worked on my work, I had me a sip ever so often of this smoooth Patron (No Ice, Splash of Lime Juice). Patron has become popular in the Hip-Hop community as well as in music videos. I’ve had a sample of it many years ago before it became popular. Note, I’m not trying to promote drinking lol, simply commenting on how delicious it is lol.

I never drink to get drunk. I’ve only been drunk twice in my life. Getting wasted doesn’t even make sense to me. Why would a person want to loose or diminish their awareness.

A friend of mine came over while I was working on website projects, and they had some of the Patron. They commented on how “It Hit The Spot” lol. Let’s just say, they had 1 glass (with ice). Here’s some photos of my bottle:

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