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Schoolly D Album: Am I Black Enough for You?

Schoolly D Album: Am I Black Enough for You?

The Legendary Schoolly D, Album “Am I Black Enough for You?” released in 1989. Schoolly D is Hip-Hop/Rap Royalty, and the Original Gangsta / Political Rapper. Even Ice T said so.

Jesse B. Weaver, Jr. aka Schoolly D, born in Philadelphia. “Am I Black Enough For You?” is his fourth album released in 1989 for Jive Records and produced by Schoolly D and DJ Code Money. Schoolly D has Scored Many Movies including “King of New York”, “Bad Lieutenant”, “The Blackout”, “R Xmas”, “Order of the Quest” and many more. Almost all of the music in “King of New York” is his music. He also scores the [Adult Swim] hit cartoon “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”. The opening music, and much of the music & rap in the show is him.

Listen to All 20 Tracks Below:
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