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KRS-ONE Hip Hop Video Lessons from his Album - I Got Next

KRS-ONEWatch Several Video Clips of KRS-ONE’s Hip Hop Lessons from his Classic Enhanced CD Album “I Got NExt”.

Including the Music Video “Step Into A World (Rapture’s Delight)” and numerous Music Techniques, Philosophies & Hip-Hop Lessons from the Legendary, Hip-Hop Icon “KRS-ONE”.

KRS-ONE - I Got NextI thought that all off the lessons he outlined on his Enhanced CD was so Poignant and Still Apply to today’s time, that I had to add them for your viewing pleasure.

“Intelligence”, “Eliminate The Distance, I Am Hip Hop”, “Self Creation”, “Tradition”, “Representing Hip Hop Culture”, “Live Performance” and “Freestyle”. Check em out. Feel free to post your comments. – Cheavor,

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One comment

  • July 10, 2009 3:59 amPosted 14 years ago

    KRS ONE IS DOPE, Legendary mang, HIP HOP all day.
    I remember i meet him at school after one of his speeches, and gave him my business card. and he put it in his front shirt pocket. lol

    Then after words, me and a few other students was gathered around the DJ booth have a freestyle battle. to him it was a joke, he’d be LOL’in his ass off, and just playin .

    Good times mang

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