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Are You a Star or Celebrity? Then why you only have a Myspace profile page?

Are You a Star or Celebrity? Then why you only have a Myspace profile page? That’s not a website, that’s a subdomain of myspace. Big Difference.

Stars Have Professional Websites, not just a Myspace profile. If your answer is, you can’t afford a Professional website, then it means you’re not a Star “Yet”. Cause Stars & Celebrities Get Money, unless you just looking for attention, but not trying to eat.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a Myspace profile, but you should be using it to drive traffic to your REAL Website. Fans attention span is shorter than the life of a Fruit Fly. With millions of profiles on myspace, a person may checkout your profile for a minute or 2, then move on to the other millions of people on myspace. BUT, if you have a Professional Website, You can drive all the traffic to your Professional Website, so your fans can really get into your content, appreciate the fact you invest in yourself, and not be sidetracked by other profiles.

With a Professional website you can: Have as many pages you want, Add any type of web technology feature to your site (forms, applications, e-commerce), Perform secure transactions, Add any type of content you want on your site, Add Sponsors & Advertisers to generate additional income, Not to mention have a full domain / url and much more.

* I can go on and on about this, but i’m sure you already got the message.

Here’s an Example of a Professional website I custom developed & maintains for one of my Real Star / Celebrity Clients: World Famous Super Producer, DJ, Music Director & Songwriter “Benny-D.” of Konvict Muzik (Akon’s Official DJ / Producer / Music Director) www.DJBennyDFanSite.TV Benny-D. is famous in over 180 Countries and got millions of fans in all of them.

Official Content: Exclusives, Music, Photos, Press, ShoutOuts, Shows, Tour Dates, Videos, Store and more. New Content added regularly.

** Feel free to contact me if you are ready to have a Custom Professional Website Developed. You can also fillout the Price Quote form on my Corporate website.

Image IZ Everything – Expert Web Developers & Designers
Available 24 Hours – 7 Days a week

* Over 700 Professional Websites Built to Date.
* Celebrating our 14th Year Anniversary
* Clients in over 35 Cities and 14 Countries
* Serving the Hollywood & Non-Hollywood Industry

* Official Web Developer, Web Producer & Webmaster for Famed Super Producer “Benny-D.”

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