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I had a great BLO of a day


I had an amazing BLO of a day today. It was Beautiful, Luscious and Outstanding. I woke up knowing it was going to be one of those days. I start it off by confirming an event that was going to take place later on in day. I made sure the equipment I was going to use was in working order, after all I didn’t want it to malfunction at the wrong time. I wasn’t concerned at all, it has never failed before.

I proceeded to working on some new projects, that was acquired the prior day. Figured I’d get some of that stuff out of the way, to make time for the main event of the day. As the day went on, I completed tasks, took some business calls and continued outlining the details of a Multimedia Artist Tour Package I developed, that I predict will soon be put into play.

I must say as the day went by All I could think of was the main event. Before you know it, it was about that time, so I took a shower, got dressed and attended the function. Just before the event I gave a Sassy friend of mine from Germantown directions to the function, she too was anxious about attending and made sure she brought her gadgets.

We cannot display this galleryWe made it to the event in great time and was happy to get there. I ate some Vanilla Ice Cream that was so amazing, I just had to have more. It was somewhat addictive! My friend decided she wanted Chocolate Ice Cream and apparently loved it. She seemed like she was in ecstasy, so I had to restrain her. I put in a lot of work at the event and was extremely happy I did. My friend was a great asset in many ways, and I would have her go with me anytime.

At the climax of the event, all attendees got what they came for. It was the first time me and my friend attended, and have scheduled another appointment asap. I love having Top Shelf BLO days. They end magnificently. I’ve put them ahead of all other days, period. I plan on having as many BLO days as possible, it’s my new muse. They give me inspiration and a ton of energy for some reason.


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    April 10, 2008 9:26 amPosted 16 years ago

    Hey C – lovely blog! I wanted to leave an audio comment but I’m away from home and this pc doesn’t have a mic.. oh well.

    I had a fantastic time at the event yesterday! What a great way to spend an afternoon… I just know that Saturday is going to be even better and I bet we stay even longer! Can’t wait!!


  • April 10, 2008 2:28 pmPosted 16 years ago
    B. Eason

    Glad you had a BLO day and I hope you have many more! Great blog, I’ll be back to read more 🙂 Take it easy.

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