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Governor Bill Richardson Edorses Barack Obama

We cannot display this galleryBreaking News: New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson Passionately endorses Barack Obama today, Live in front a crowd of Thousands today at 1pm EST. Obama stood by his side on stage and spoke afterwards. Every TV Network covered the endorsement Live. Gov Richardson praised Obama for his Speech on Race, and stated he answered all the questions, never shied away and showed that he is a Great Leader. The Clintons have close ties to Gov Richardson and sought his endorsement, but he chose to endorse Presidential Candidate Barack Obama.

During Gov Richardson’s speech, the crowd chanted repeatedly “Yes We Can, Yes We Can”. He stated he was proud as a Hispanic to endorse Obama. Several times he chanted “Yes We Can” in Spanish, as well other Spanish phrases.

Right now all the political pundits & commentators are trying to spin the endorsement and trying to claim his endorsement doesn’t mean anything. Hmmm makes you wonder who’s side they are on. At every chance they get (which is every minute) the pundits try to give the Clinton campaign every favorable spin they can. The average person doesn’t recognize this because, most are at work and don’t have the time and patience to understand what’s being fed to them.

Here is the Video Clip of the Speech:

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