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Multi-tasking as usual

We cannot display this galleryIt’s been a very busy past 3 weeks, but in a good way. Been having fun working on 8 different website projects for my clients. You learn something new or interesting everyday. Especially when you’re interacting with people in different time zones, and sometimes different countries. I don’t have a problem staying busy (Over 160 Clients). Instead, I got to find brief moments between bulks of projects, to do something for myself. Like, something simple as going out and getting some comfort items (example: New CDs, Great bottle of wine, a New Gadget), or something more bigger, like taking a trip to the Caribbean for a day or 2, Visiting a friend in another State, or running over to Atlantic City to have fun for a day or 2.

I’m jamming to 2 Remix tracks of “Rocko” new hit song “Umma Do Me”. Tell me what you think.

Umma Do Me (Remix) feat: Rick Ross, T.I.P., Jeezy
[media id=14]

Umma Do Me (Remix) feat: Young Jeezy, Gorilla Zoe, Gotti
[media id=13]

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