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Noted Expert Web Developer to the Stars. CEO of Image IZ Everything. Welcome to CHEAVOR.ME – “My Personal Website I created to have fun with. I often post: News, Articles, Music, Photos, Videos, Movies, Games and Fun Stuff that interest me. Feel free to post your comments. I can also custom develop a personal website for you too. To receive a quote on a website, go to my corporate site Image IZ Everything.

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Panaromic View: Home Sweet Home
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Multi-tasking as usual

We cannot display this galleryIt’s been a very busy past 3 weeks, but in a good way. Been having fun working on 8 different website projects for my clients. You learn something new or interesting everyday. Especially when you’re interacting with people in different time zones, and sometimes different countries. I don’t have a problem staying busy (Over 160 Clients). Instead, I got to find brief moments between bulks of projects, to do something for myself. Like, something simple as going out and getting some comfort items (example: New CDs, Great bottle of wine, a New Gadget), or something more bigger, like taking a trip to the Caribbean for a day or 2, Visiting a friend in another State, or running over to Atlantic City to have fun for a day or 2.

I’m jamming to 2 Remix tracks of “Rocko” new hit song “Umma Do Me”. Tell me what you think.

Umma Do Me (Remix) feat: Rick Ross, T.I.P., Jeezy[media id=14]Umma Do Me (Remix) feat: Young Jeezy, Gorilla Zoe, Gotti[media id=13]

The Wire - Season Finale

Me and Millions of Americans all over the country just watched the Season Finale of HBO’s “The Wire”! I got to say, I liked it. Several things happened that i felt was going to happen. Like, “Cheese” getting shot by “Slim Charles” lol. I think most people felt like i did that it had to be done. He was just a Grimey character. He got his own uncle “Prop Joe” killed. How low can you get. “Marlo” either having to get out of the game, get shot, or to jail. Turns out he had to get out of the game, and almost got shot. He missed the rush he got from being the man, so he paid a visit to the block one last time. I also thought that when “Chris” goes to jail he might hang with people like “Wee-bey” lol, he did. Good old “Wee-bey”. Afterall, they both serving Life Sentences.

Here’s a few photos of some of the Characters/Actors from “The Wire”.

We cannot display this gallery

I’m still formulating all my thoughts on the Season Finale. I’ll be adding more verbiage to this article. Feel free to post your comments and express what you thought about “The Wire”.

Artists - Kid Sister

We cannot display this galleryI like Kid Sister’s Music. Her new track “Pro Nails” is kinda catchy. Kanye West is featured in this song. She got some colorful looking nails :-)[media id=4]

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