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27th Floor Roof Deck

Summer Flowers

Beautiful view of the Summer Flowers on the 27th Floor Roof Deck on my Luxury High-Rise Building.
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27th Floor Roof Deck

Panoramic View

A Panoramic View from the 27th Floor Roof Deck of my Luxury High-Rise Building.
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I'm A Boss


Me outside the New York City Public Library on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.
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Madison Square Park.

Panoramic View

Madison Square Park in the Nomad neighborhood of Manhattan, across from the SONY Building in Flatiron District.
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Beautiful Day

Life Is Great

Enjoying a Beautiful Day At Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan.
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Fresh To Death

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Cole Haan

My Cole Haan shoes that I wear around the house.
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Panaromic View: Home Sweet Home
Latest from blog

Tracy Morgan Performance on SNL - Saturday Night Live

We cannot display this galleryTracy Morgan gave a great performance on SNL “Saturday Night Live” just now (12:54 midnight sat. 3/15/08). It’s still on as I’m typing this post. It was HILARIOUS! LOL. He commented on how the country is racist, pointing out Texas & Ohio must be crazy to think that Obama don’t know how to answer a phone at 3am in the morning. He also stated how the Hillary Camp stated that Barack Obama was winning because he’s Black. Tracy Morgan said “If that was the case I’D be President, cause I’m WAY Blacker than he is”. It was real funny, but also had a strong dose of truth in it. His last joke was to his friend “Tina Fey” (whom he made known is a friend of his), he flipped the script on her joke, and his message was “If Bitch is the new black, then Black Is The New President Bitch!”. He got a Huge Applaud from the Audience.

I am certain all the political pundits, commentators and anchors will be commenting about it on either Sunday or Monday morning, Guaranteed!

I posted the video clip of the performance below. Maria Carey & T-Pain also performed live. It was all around a funny and entertaining episode.

Watch the episode below. Feel free to post your comments:

Keith Oberman points out Hillary's Hypocracy

MSNBC TV Anchor & Commentator “Keith Oberman” points out Senatory Hillary Clinton‘s double standards and hypocracy very eloquently and accurately, in my view. Her reaction to Former Congressional Rep. “Geraldine Ferraro” saying negative things about “Barack Obama” is an example. Watch the video and form your own opinions. What do you think? Post your comment.

Multi-tasking as usual

We cannot display this galleryIt’s been a very busy past 3 weeks, but in a good way. Been having fun working on 8 different website projects for my clients. You learn something new or interesting everyday. Especially when you’re interacting with people in different time zones, and sometimes different countries. I don’t have a problem staying busy (Over 160 Clients). Instead, I got to find brief moments between bulks of projects, to do something for myself. Like, something simple as going out and getting some comfort items (example: New CDs, Great bottle of wine, a New Gadget), or something more bigger, like taking a trip to the Caribbean for a day or 2, Visiting a friend in another State, or running over to Atlantic City to have fun for a day or 2.

I’m jamming to 2 Remix tracks of “Rocko” new hit song “Umma Do Me”. Tell me what you think.

Umma Do Me (Remix) feat: Rick Ross, T.I.P., Jeezy[media id=14]Umma Do Me (Remix) feat: Young Jeezy, Gorilla Zoe, Gotti[media id=13]

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