The Boondocks

Episode: Date With the Health Inspector
Synopsis: District Attorney and law abiding citizen Tom Dubois fits the description of the elusive “X-Box Killer” and is arrested. Huey has to find the real killer, before Tom is shipped off to “real” prison where he will most assuredly be made very, very uncomfortable.
Time Length: 20:23 minutes.

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    March 20, 2012 3:28 pmPosted 4 years ago

    , “Yes”. You definitely share my feielngs about the Boondocks. While it is hilarious and so very entertaining, it says some of the truest things I’ve ever heard on TV. There’s something about kids speaking the truth that just works. I’ve heard similar comments about South Park and Family Guy. Not that I’m saying they are on the same level as the Boondocks, but cartoons can often get away with more than live action shows. “Easily my favorite show of all time, no other show, I’d argue ever, captures the complexities, contradictions and beauty of blackness the way the Boondocks does.”I couldn’t have said it better.

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