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The FRS Healthy Energy Challenge - Try It Free

The FRS® Healthy Energy™ Challenge – (Try It Free).
We challenge you to stop being a spectator and participate in your life. We challenge you to thrive rather than just survive. We challenge you to make the most of your free time to complete your “to do” list and actually find some “me” time. We challenge you to do all the things you know you should do but don’t have the energy to do- and enjoy doing them. We challenge you to do all the things you dream of doing. We challenge you to take FRS Healthy Energy every day for two weeks and see how much more you’re capable of accomplishing in your life.

Soft Chews: One bag of 30 Chews
Ready to drink: One 11.5 oz can
Powder: One box 14 packets
Concentrate: One 10 oz bottle (makes 5 servings)

Featured in: Discovery, Forbes, USA Today, iVillage, Men’s Health, Woman’s Day, Diet Fitness, and People to a name a few.

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